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Cody Martin in Suite LIfe on Deck

Cody Martin. Edit

Early LifeEdit

Cody Martin is the smartest brother of the twins. He was born in Seattle along with Zack, later moved from different places after their parents divorce. Their mother later got a job at the Tipton Hotel in Boston. They lived at the hotel.

The Suite Life of Zack and CodyEdit

In Hotel Hangout, after arriving at the Tipton, Cody and Zack go to their new school to make new friends. They met Max and Tapeworm, however thinking they can do better they decide to use the fact they live in a hotel to impress the cool kids. It works but Max and Tapeworm are feeling left out. They then get the cool kids out and make new friends in Max and Tapeworm

In The Fairest of them All, Cody enters the beauty contest by accident to impress Rebecca. However Zack forces him to stay for the 2,000 dollar prize. Later Cody is caught and is elimated out of the contest. At the end Rebecca kisses Cody on the cheek and later stated that was better then a bike.

In Maddie Checks In, Cody and Zack work togther to get the suite Maddie lied about empty so her plan to work. They did it but is later caught.

In Hotel Inspector, Cody and Zack are given tickets for a baseball game for them to get out of the Hotel, so the Hotel Inspector is not