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London Tipton in Suite Life on Deck

The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

London is a parody of the American socialite Paris Hilton. Although her father is never seen,only in the episode Twister (but sually never more than an arm behind his security force, which stands on all sides), he is frequently mentioned. London is an air headed heiress, and leads a wild girl fabulous life as heiress of the Tipton Estate. She is a spoiled, rich, and full-of-herself teenager with her own private suite at the Tipton Hotel in Boston, complete with floors full of closets (each with their own obsequious talking mirror), and a kitchen which takes up most of the floor. Her best friend is baliey picket whom London often tries to bribe with money and other valuables. Shes also very good friends with Zack and Cody. Though London can often be seen as a superficial snob who disrespects lower-class people, she does make exceptions for those who she really cares about and has been shown to be somewhat loyal to her friends. She loves fashion, and states that she has been wearing designer outfits since she was a baby, and usually never wears the same outfit twice. She has a Pomeranian named Ivana Tipton who is treated like royalty. Since London doesn't have a nanny, or any adult to look out for her, she often looks to the Tipton employees for help and or guidance. She dislikes her step-moms and talks to Mr. Moseby, Maddie and sometimes, Carey about her problems. When happy, London tends to clap her hands repeatedly and jump up and down while saying her catchphrase, "Yay me!" Though it seems like London may lead the ultimate rich-girl life, her childhood was far less than perfect.

London has attended several private schools, but shows very little effort in her school work. She transferred to the same private school as Maddie in the episode Forever Plaid, due to poor attendance at her old school ("And they even expect me to go on Fridays!"). In the episode First Day of High School, London transfers to Zack and Cody's public school, due to being expelled from all of the private schools she had previously attended. London's worst subject in school would probably be language arts, since she doesn't like reading and often claims to have trouble with the alphabet. As stated earlier, London is not very intelligent. She is confused with many things, and is tricked by many characters such as Maddie and Nia. London, apparently, has some belief in certain mythological aspects; Maddie and Esteban once tricked her into doing many idiotic things by changing her horoscope. Though, annoyed by some characters, London being gullible is found to be quite an advantage in difficult situations. It is also revealed in one episode that she must think before doing the smallest everyday actions. For example, she was walking through the lobby while thinking "left, right, blink, breathe" in the episode Super Twins.

Having such a glamorous lifestyle, London also has trouble with anything that involves hard work, which is something her dad encourages her to do sometimes (much to the dismay of London), usually because of her frivolous money spending. London's poor ability is often caused by her lack of effort and understanding, as it's normally easy for her to get her own way in life. Though sometimes she'll put her ego aside, and show she can do more than she's given credit for, which shows her to being occasionally smart and/or selfless. Though curiously, her stupidity seems to have increased during Season 3.

London has her own web-show, ever since the episode Tiptonline. The original producer of Yay Me, Starring London Tipton was Cody Martin. After Cody quit, due to crazy things London made him do on set, London's friend Chelsea Brimmer became the producer, but Chelsea left after one webshow because she was a horrible producer and the fans demanded they bring Cody back. London then realized how she needed Cody and apologized to him on the air. After Cody saw the show, he rushed to London's suite in the middle of the show and stated that he would return. However, whenever Cody was unavailable, Maddie often filled in as a substitute, and soon became the official producer. London continues to do her webshow on the S.S. Tipton, with Woody Fink as her producer.

She does not see her parents often, only occasionally, but she often talks to them on the telephone. London says that Mr. Moseby appears more times in her family’s photo-albums than Mr. Tipton or any of his ex-wives. Her parents cannot stand each other, apparently, since Mr. Moseby put them not only in different rooms when they stayed at the hotel, but different wings.

Although she is not of Jewish descent, London observes Hanukkah. In "Big Hair & Baseball", while she and Carey swoon as the New York Yankees check into the Tipton, she says of the players, "They're even cuter than that hockey team Daddy bought me for Hanukkah".[10] In "Rock Star in the House", London sneaks into Jesse McCartney's room along with Maddie and Zack. London takes a photo of herself with Jesse, whom she says she wants to marry, as he sleeps and says, "I think this is going to be our Christmas/Hanukkah card".[11] When Maddie points out that, as London is not Jewish, she should not be able to celebrate Hanukkah, London replies "And miss out on 8 days of presents? Not this Shiksa". Throughout the series, London peppers her speech with other Yiddish vernacular, such as "Oy Vey", "Plotz", and "Mazel Tov".

London also likes to work out and has been shown to be very strong in several episodes. She is also tone deaf, but still likes to sing. It is revealed in "Super Twins" she is also easily hypnotized, which is also shown in The Suite Life on Deck.

The Suite Life on DeckEdit

London journeys onto the SS Tipton with the belief that she is on a vacation, until she is informed otherwise by Mr. Moseby that it is for her to attend Seven Seas High (or as London refers to it "stupid sea school") so she can attend school properly without skipping class. London bitterly sees this as more as a punishment than an opportunity. When London finds out later that she has to share a cabin, she bribes her cabin-mate, Padma, with jewellery to leave in The Suite Life Sets Sail, so she can have her own cabin. At the end of the episode, Bailey Pickett is revealed to be a girl, which prompts her to be assigned in London's half-vacant cabin. This pushes a stubborn London to escape the SS Tipton via helicopter to Parrot Island. Therefore, in the following episode, the ship makes a special journey to the island to rescue her, as she has been imprisoned because Tipton Industries cut down Parrot Island's trees, which made the native parrots immigrate to Seal island close by. Later, she writes a check for 10 million to rehabilitate the island, and resumes residence on SS Tipton.

At the school, London is treated like a regular student. In order to skid her way through school, London has often tried to bribe the teacher (such as handing in a blank report with money in it). However, she has been seen putting a little more effort into her school work, and even states in the episode "Sea Monster Mash" that she enjoys having a feeling of accomplishment. London is also slightly smarter than what she was in The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody, as seen in multiple episodes (though she still retains the ditzy demeanor). Also despite her frequent attempts to escape the SS Tipton so she can resume her normal free life, London has found ways to adapt on the ship. Since London now has limited closet space in her cabin, it is mentioned that most of her clothes are carried by a submarine that follows the ship, though she continues to find more room.

London quickly establishes a tenuous friendship with Bailey. In Broke N' Yo-Yo, she moves Bailey to a cramped loft near the ceiling of the cabin, and Bailey retaliates by faking an attack of fictional "Sea Snarks", but eventually comes clean and they agree to share the cabin equally. London later reunites with Ivana, flown in by helicopter in The Kidney of the Sea, and Cody referees an intelligence competition between her dog and Bailey's pet, Porkers but in the end Ivana and Porkers draw. London occasionally mistreats Bailey often, such as humiliating her using her webshow, "Yay Me" on a segment called "Boo You". Despite this, London means well as a friend and Bailey is willing to forgive.

Although London admits that she doesn't "do things for other people", she has often attempted to do many generous things, with unfortunate results. In "Mom and Dad On Deck", she hoped to find Moseby the perfect gift for his birthday, but resulted into her annoyingly following him everywhere in order to find out what he likes. She even tried to nurse Moseby after he got injured slipping on the sky deck, but only ends up making him feel crowded. In the same episode, it is revealed that it takes her half-an-hour to read one page in even the simplest books (she reads 'The Pokey Little Princess' to Moseby, and her problem is revealed). In the season two episode "Smarticle Particles", Bailey tricks London into doing well in school by giving her a "smart perfume", to which London responds to as planned. However, London finds out later that the perfume is fake, and is upset that her 'smarticles' weren't real. Bailey then cheers her up with a "smart lipstick", which London happily uses. This shows that London is actually very bright but lacks enough confidence to believe so. In "Family Thais", the gang travels to Thailand, where London meets her grandmother. In "Lost at Sea" London pretends to go insane and believe that she's on an island resort in order not to have to do any work. After they finally escape the island in a balloon made out of her clothes and fly back to the SS Tipton, she reveals her deception making Cody and Bailey acknowledge she's smarter than she appears and pretends. She is also seen to be precise with her hands, such as when she repaired a small boat with various eyebrow care products in "Shipwrecked".

In the season three episode "Silent Treatment" after Bailey is ready to go onto the Sky Deck carrying a cat in a dress, London snaps Bailey out of her depression after her breakup with Cody by calling her young, smart and pretty which Bailey responds in shock. In "My Oh Maya" London pretends to be Zack's ex-girlfriend to get a girl and pretends to be Marcus' wife to get Dante (Marcus' identity thief) off the ship. It isn't revealed whether or not she did it for free but it can be assumed that because she is maturing that she did without cost.