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Zack Martin Edit

Zack is incredibily a lazy person. He is shown to date girls, yet forget to show up, and even their names. He has many experiences, as he was born in Seattle, raised in Boston, and then went to sea. He has many things that make him Zack, and he has lots of friends. At the juice bar, he and Cody earn a lot of money on a giant check in "Broke N' Yo-Yo", since he was him who actually took Cody's card. Zack and Mr. Moseby don't like each other very much, but in "In the Line of Duty", they finally get each other.

Relationships Edit

  • Bailey Pickett- He had a crush on her at the beginning, but doesn't anymore.
  • Violet Berg- In "Kidney of the Sea", he saved her by dodging her from London's dog Ivana's cake. He and her became friends, and did other things together, but her boyfriend tried accusing Zack of stealing the stone. Ivana later found the stone in her boyfriend's pocket, and they broke up. She thanked London, and spent time with Zack. She then left the boat.
  • Maddie Fitzpatrick- She returned in "Maddie on Deck", but a royal prince that was 8 years old turned out to be the prince. He wanted to marry Maddie, but Zack and Cody found a prophet which told that one peasant may challenge the prince, and whoever won the challenge would win the fair maiden's heart. The duel turned out to be a joust, even though the jousting equiptment were pool noodles, and the noble steeds were bouncy balloons. Zack lost in Round 1 and Round 2, but Maddie kissed him and told him to go out there and win. In the Final Round, the prince surrendered, and they lived happily ever after. Maddie then left the ship.
  • Alex Russo- Alex was in only in one episode. Zack showed love for her, but she didn't care for him one tiny bit. She did show that she was his friend, but not as a girlfriend.
  • Tanya- Tanya was also in just one episode, but she dumped Zack because he was late for their date, and he thought her name was Sarah.
  • Maya- Zack had a crush on Maya in the episode My Oh Maya. Cody accused him of being in love, but he denied it. When he went on a date with another girl, he kept seeing Maya everywhere. So when he asked her out shenreplied no since she knew he hits on every girl on the ship. They decided to be friends until Zack threw her a party and went through lots of trouble to impress her. Zack and Maya are currently dating.